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  • I heard that there is a night sightseeing tour・・・

    If you are pleased with this facility, we have continued for more than 10 years. We operate a "Night Bus Tour" that takes you around Hirado Continue reading
  • Can you see the sea from your room?

    This facility is located facing the sea, so you can see the magnificent Hirado Seto from most guest rooms.
    However, some rooms have roofs tContinue reading
  • Do you have non-smoking rooms?

    We also have non-smoking rooms.
  • Can I fish in front of the hotel?

    In front of the hotel is a magnificent Hirado Seto where you can enjoy fishing to the fullest.
    It is a privilege only for hotel guests!

    YoContinue reading
  • Please tell me the time for dinner and breakfast

    Dinner starts from 18:00 to 19:30, and breakfast is served from 7:00 to 9:00.

    If you will be arriving after 6:00 pm, please be sure to contContinue reading
  • Can I use the internet in the hotel?

    WI-FI is available at the front desk and after the bath.
    Misakikan has WI-FI available in all rooms.
    Shiosaikan rents routers for free.
    NagiContinue reading
  • If I have an allergy, can I change my meal?

    It depends on the type of allergy, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

    Please see the menu in the details section of the plan, pleaContinue reading
  • I came to Hirado Pier by bus, but to the hotel...

    It takes about 10 minutes to walk from Hirado Pier to our hotel, but we can also pick you up and drop you off.

    Please let us know your arriContinue reading
  • I Tabira-Hiradoguchi Station came to Tabira-Hiradoguchi Station Matsuura Railway・・・

    It takes about 15 minutes by taxi from Matsuura Railway (MR) Tabira-Hiradoguchi Station to the hotel.
    Buses are also available, but they runContinue reading
  • I want to go by car. Is there a parking lot?

    The parking lot is in front of the hotel entrance.
    Parking is available free of charge.
    If the parking lot is full, our staff will guide yoContinue reading
  • Is there a convenience store nearby?

    The closest store to the hotel FamilyMart, a 10-minute walk away.About 10 minutes by car There are 7-Eleven and FamilyMart near Hirado OhashContinue reading
  • Please tell me about nearby attractions

    Hiradojima Island, there are historical museums, churches, Hirado Castle, and Dutch Trading Post where you can learn about the times of tradContinue reading
  • Do you have wheelchair rental?

    This facility has two wheelchairs available.

    If you wish to use it, please ask at the front desk. In addition, please understand that thereContinue reading
  • Are meals served in your room?

    This facility does not provide in-room meals.

    Both dinner and breakfast are provided at the restaurant / restaurant in the facility.
    ThereContinue reading
  • How do I get from Hirado Ohashi Bridge to the hotel?

    Guests coming by car will ask you if you do not know how to get to the hotel after crossing the vermilion Hirado Ohashi Bridge.

    The easiestContinue reading
  • What is the size of the yukata in the room?

    In our guest rooms, we have large sizes for men and medium sizes for women, but sometimes the size doesn't fit.In that case, please contact Continue reading
  • Is there a tourist map at the hotel?

    A map of the hotel's surroundings and a map of the entire Hirado island are available at the front desk on the 1st floor Shiosaikan.There isContinue reading
  • Is there a place where I can walk around the hotel?

    If you climb the cobblestone stairs at the back of the hotel parking lot, you will see a temple called “Yokoji Temple”. The fresh greenery aContinue reading
  • Do you have a coin laundry?

    I am sorry. We do not provide.

    Laundry introduces laundry in the city. There is a coin laundry located 5 to 10 minutes by car from the hotContinue reading
  • Is there a game corner?

    There are two VR game machines: a car and a motorcycle.
    There is also a table tennis corner.
    Go, shogi, and mahjong are available for rentalContinue reading
  • About Karaoke

    There are 3 karaoke rooms on the 1st floor Shiosaikan.We accept reservations for ¥2,200 (tax included) per room per hour.Please use it for fContinue reading
  • About service for anniversary

    An accommodation plan with special benefits for anniversary guests is available.
    In addition to arranging cakes and flowers (for a fee), weContinue reading
  • Do you have barrier-free service?

    We do not have rooms that are completely barrier-free, but if you have trouble going up or down the stairs, please use the employee-only eleContinue reading
  • Is the bath in the room a hot spring?

    Not all guest rooms are "hot springs".

    If you want to enjoy the hot springs, we recommend using the “open-air bath” and “aquarium public bContinue reading
  • Please tell me the quality and type of hot springs, and the hours of use.

    The hot spring is “Sodium bicarbonate spring” and is hypotonic, alkaline, and high salt spring.

    Types of baths and opening hours
    ●A large Continue reading
  • Do you have a mobile phone charger?

    docomo, au, Soft Bank, and other mobile phone chargers are available for free rental at the front desk.Please ask the front desk when using.Continue reading
  • Can I go on a day trip?

    Day trip hot springs are also available.

    We are open from 15:00 to 22:00 on weekdays and from 13:00 to 22:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and hoContinue reading
  • I suddenly got sick・・・

    Please contact a nearby staff member or call the front desk at number 15.

    We will introduce the neighborhood around the clock. (There is alContinue reading
  • Do you have meals for children?

    Basically, plate lunch is available.
    The contents change slightly depending on the season, but we offer fried shrimp, hamburgers, vegetableContinue reading
  • Do you have yukata for children?

    We have 120cm yukata for children.
    For children over 120 cm, we will prepare the small adult size for children over 150 cm.
    We do not providContinue reading


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.